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Our Mission

Connect local food makers with their community.
Make it easier to buy the best in local and sustainable food.

Our Food Promise

Only natural foods, buying as local as possible, from farmers and food makers who care just like you do. In short, we make it simple for you to shop well.

Local as possible
Local Whenever

Buying local means fresher tastier produce, less food miles and healthy local communities.

Support local
Always Know The Producer

In the food business, there is a lot of mis-information. We make it simple, by showcasing the producer.

Animals live good life
Animals Live the
 Good Life

Clear sunshine skies, fresh meadows and clean feed. We don’t believe in cages or anything of the sort.

All natural
All Natural Ingredients

We believe in real food with no weird chemicals or additives. All Naturale.

Our Reason For Being 🌱

George Kettle
Founder & Farmer

For over 16 years my family has run an organic farm in the hinterland of Kingscliff, NSW. Coming home after University and travels I quickly realised how lucky we are to own an Organic Farm, just 5 mins from the beach.

So roughly a year ago, I joined Mum.

Over the past year, I’ve seen how hard it is for small farms to get their produce to market. So I went to Code School in Barcelona 💃🏻 in order to create an online platform to help small farms just like ours.

I felt it a necessity to connect local food to people ‘just down the road’. To me, it seems like the future. Or rather, ‘Going back to the Future’. Buying local and organic produce makes so much sense to me. If only it were easier for the community to source food from local farmers and food makers.

With the help of technology, I believe that Farm&Co can help individuals to make better choices for themselves, their families and friends, the farmers, community and this Earth.

- George

History of Farm&Co


Mum quits Nursing 👩🏼‍⚕️ to look after her 3 (now 4) super
dooper kids 🤱🏼


Mum & Dad are the proud new owners of a beautiful 52 acre avocado farm 🥑 in Cudgen, NSW


Mum goes back to her roots and starts farming again. She buys a big hat and some second-hand jeans, getting to work straight away 👩🏼‍🌾
Some people think she’s pretty crazy, but that doesn’t deter her

2002 - 2008

We name the farm as ‘Cudgen Fresh 2U’ and sell wholesale monoculture crops to the Brisbane, Newcastle & Sydney Markets 🚛
For many years, Mum finds it to be very little money. Farming proves to be an incredibly tough game.


Mum starts to worry about the health and environmental effects of conventional farming. So decides to transition the farm to Organic 🌱


We open our Roadside Stall and start selling direct to the public.
Mum learns that market gardens are more environmentally friendly, and so makes the switch, now planting multiple crops in the same field. Increasing biodiversity and planting more trees 🐝🌳


We open our farm to the public, allowing people to see our crops, see the chickens and have picnics.


We start using Sunflowers as a cover crop (to put nutrients back in the soil). People seem to really like them and the farm starts to attract more visitors 🌻


We change our name to Farm&Co continuing our aim to Nourish Stay Learn 🧘🏼‍🌱

2018 - Present

Here we are now, about to open a state of the art, sustainable restaurant and launching our latest experiment of Farm&Co Online 😙
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